Movie Review-"The Clone Wars"

Here's a movie to consider carefully before viewing.

For "The Clone Wars" is a strange creature, an animated "prequel" to the original Star Wars movie.

Two problems with this movie and they are major ones.

Also, day one of the Democratic convention and I've got some opinions about it all, including some hanging boobs.

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"The Clone Wars"

First off, the movie begins...it just begins. It begins right in the middle of some sort of conflict and the viewer has not a clue until well into the film.

No long introduction with credits crawling up the screen. I'd chosen this movie because it's animated with a PG rating. I figured my four year old granddaughter would love the movie.

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clone wars movie

It would turn out that Kaitlyn did enjoy the movie but I am quite sure she had not a single clue as to what was going on. That abrupt start didn't help.

Indeed this movie "ASSumed" that the viewer knew its history. The movie assumed the viewer knew that there is a galaxy far, far away where space battles were constantly ongoing, where heroes fought the dark side and where good always triumphed.

To get even more nuanced about it, the "hero" of this movie was one Anakin Skywalker and I knew, though Kaitlyn surely did not, that this was the Skywalker who eventually went over to the "dark side".

Knowing that the hero of a movie I was watching turned out to be a bad guy in a future sequel made me not quite enjoy the movie as I would have had I only known him as a continuing force of light and good as portrayed in The Clone Wars.

"Star Wars" was a cultural phenomenon when the stories of good versus evil in a mythical galaxy exploded on the movie screens across the fruited plains. The entire story was told via a trilogy of movies and I must say I was never a great fan of this sort of cinematic fantasy. But I was alive and anyone living that hasn't seen at least one of the Star Wars movies and more likely two or more, well they had to be dead.

Or not born, as is the case with Kaitlyn Mae.

Kaitlyn is good about sitting through movies but for this one she was a bit restless. Some popcorn and Skittles calmed her down and for the most part she watched it mesmerized.

annikin skywalker clone wars

I wanted so bad to explain the history of the movie to Kaitlyn, how this Annikin Skywalker was Luke Skywalker's father in a future tale, how Jabba the Hutt returns again, how the "space night club" characters became such funny icons of the culture. I felt an urge to warn Kaitlyn not to get too attached to this Skywalker character, that one day he would become the epitome of evil on the big screen.

Yet Annikin Skywalker was very likeable in this Clone Wars movie as he fought to rescue Jabba the Hutt's son while training a young cadet how to fight evil by his side.

The movie featured intriguing animation that was almost a cross between cartoon and real life. The action was constant, loud and mesmerizing, much like the earlier Star Wars movies. Good does triumph over evil as is always the case.

I think Kaitlyn enjoyed the movie but I know for sure that Kaitlyn did not understand a single thing about that movie, its history and cultural impact long before she was born.

More's the pity.


"Brokeback Mountain" was heavily hyped as a homosexual film. Which it was. I found the relationship with one of the film's protagonists and his daughter to be more revealing about the character than any same-sex relationship depicted.

Tom Cruise's love is featured in "First Daughter", a film about, well, a first daughter. Only totally not believable.

"Chicken Little" is an animated film about, well something about a sky falling. Kaitlyn Mae watched this movie six times in one weekend. Read why this movie appeals to children so.

This post features reviews of BOTH "Poseidon" movies. The best one chosen might surprise.

He was born a rat but he wanted to be a chef. Here's a review of a charming animated film that will capture the imagination of both your children and ...YOU! Ratatouille

The bees were mad that humans were harvesting and profiting from sales of their honey and they weren't going to take it anymore. It's a cartoon the kids will love but there's a message in the movie that transcends all eras since the Garden of Eden.The Bee Movie

It was almost forty years ago that a record exploded upon the Pop culture that was sung by, ahem, CHIPMUNKS! Indeed my 4 year old granddaughter could not know that her grandmother listened to the feature song in this movie which brings the tale of the three hapless chipmunks to life as but a young girl her own self.

To Kaitlyn Mae, this was a movie about cute little chipmunks who became singing sensations. The tale involves evil record producers, kind but confused songwriters, and a bit of a love story.

Alvin is still as bad as ever.Alvin and the Chipmunks

Here's a review of a cartoon and a fine children's movie that is not a cartoon. The cartoon is "Kung-Fu Panda" and it's a strange tale of an out-of-shape panda bear who is charged with saving his land by becoming a mighty warrior. The film is by Pixar and has the amazing animation that company is known for.

"Nim's Island" is a story of a little girl who also must save her "land", which is an isolated island in the case of Nim.

Nim and her father live on an island named after Nim. When her father gets lost during a routine trip out to sea, Nim struggles to save the island and survive. Finally the little girl contacts the author of her favorite action hero book to please come and help her out. Kaitlyn was four years old at the time we saw "Nim's Island" and she watched the entire non-cartoon movie without wander.

Political Tidbits-Scuttlebutt, Speculation and Sunday Political Talk Show Summaries

I have, so far, enjoyed the 2008 Democratic National Convention more than the finest soap opera or funniest comedy.

No wait! The convention is already that, no?


So okay, the worst president in history, Jimmy Carter, must be trotted out as he was a Democrat and this is a Democratic convention after all. But he does not give a speech? Well hey, if Carter were in my political party I'd hide him too.

And we simply must mention Nancy Pelosi and her boobs.

Please understand that I am a woman of some years and I fully understand the effects of gravity on certain body parts, ahem. But Nancy Pelosi, who also made a name for herself this past week with her analysis of Catholic dogma, more on this later, surely could have herself fitted with a decent bra, you think?

Turns out that, according to Bishop Pelosi, St. Augustine believed life began after three months in utero when he never preached any such thing. Then Nancy Pelosi, to the extreme and rightful anger of many Catholics, went on to state that Catholicism considers such a thing a personal decision.

The Catholic church teaches that life begins at conception with NO exceptions. What part of that does Nancy Pelosi not understand?

This is only the most disgusting thing any politician has ever done. There are millions of Catholics in this country and none of them need or want Nancy Pelosi to serve as a fill in for the Pope.

Anything to kill more unborn babies. The Libs....they love abortion, can't get enough dead babies, can't say enough lies, must keep encouraging abortion.. disgusting.

day one montage dem convention 08

So Ted Kennedy shows up. All day it's hyped that Ted fought to get medical permission to fly to Denver and, if we are lucky or so the biased pundits phrased it, he would give a speech . After hearing how much of a struggle it would be for Ted Kennedy to appear in Denver I was certainly surprised at how robust he appeared. Goodness I was expecting him to shuffle on stage, all pale and out of breath, haggard, gaunt and obviously tired.

Instead I hear the same old, same old from that ageing liberal who leaves young women to die at the bottom of creeks while he seeks political cover.

Ted Kennedy was nowhere near the man that the little film feature made him out to be. Ted Kennedy has some serious time waiting for him in Purgatory for one Mary Jo Kopechne. I've not forgotten what he did and I'll never have an ounce of respect for anyone who ever voted for the man or that crowd who cheered this murderer on.

But I'm not evil like Kennedy so I was happy to see him looking well and hope he lives as long as God intended. It's more than he gave to Mary Jo Kopechne.

Ah, Michelle Mabelle.

Talk about your fiction!

She was a Stepford Wife! Her two kids were Stepford Kids!

She once said she became proud of her country only recently and yet, oddly, last night she shouted her love of country while looking as if Martha Stewart herself gave her a makeover.

Michelle never mentioned her attendance at Harvard, very odd. Nor did she mention her career as a spokesperson for a hospital, also odd.

Nope. It was all about Michelle the mother and beloved wife of the Messiah Obama.

She said, and I'm not making this up..."The first thing I think about every morning are my children and the last thing I think about before going to sleep are my children" as I closely paraphrase.


We all love our children out here in la-la land where we carry this country on our back whilst raising the soldiers and citizens of tomorrow, Michelle. And many of us struggle to make ends meet without help of Syrian thugs to buy our homes and we are not married to the Messiah.

The Obamas are trying to convince you and I, yon readers, that THEY ARE JUST LIKE US!

Yeah, right.

Did Michelle Obama's living lie work?

I suppose that the ladies at the beauty parlor who tuned in for a quick peek might have been impressed by Michelle's feminine frock and the enchanting way she tossed her hair for every important verbal point.

She looked to those who watched closely, as if a sophomore in high school playing a lady giving a speech in a school play.

It's all fiction, smoke and mirrors at the Democratic convention this week, ladies and gems.

In a way, it's The Clone Wars redux, only using real politicians who are re-created to be who they want us to THINK they are.

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