Movie Review-"Love Actually"

”Love Actually”

First, this is not a new movie. Although I have never heard of it until Rush Limbaugh mentioned it during his radio show.

Second, the title makes no sense to me except on some distant level. Maybe it’s a British thing.

“The liberals are going on and on about this movie,” as I paraphrase my hero, Rush Limbaugh, from his radio show right before Christmas 2008. “The libs say this is the movie which typifies the REAL meaning of the season,” I continue to paraphrase my talk radio hero. “The thing is filled with nudity, it’s almost x-rated, or should be…”

Rush ended his rant about this movie by mentioning it would be airing a few days from that day and quick as a wink I picked up the TV remote, flicked on the GUIDE channel, scrolled down to the station Rush mentioned and boom, hit “record” and decided that I would just have to watch this movie that made Rush so angry.

Way I figured, this movie was a liberal presentation of the world and nothing makes me laugh much more than how liberals view the world. The Lifetime movie channel is filled with liberal movies but Lifetime is generally considered a chick channel so you’ve got to expect this. But the USA channel? And all the so-called liberals are were in ecstasy over this movie? Well I didn’t know what liberals Rush was referring to but Rush knows liberals when he sees them.

Hey, it had been a rough year. I needed a laugh.


Where on earth has this movie been my entire life and how did I miss it?

Of course I lamented my failure to view the movie as a mockery of liberalism and the Christmas spirit as Rush saw it. I even wondered if maybe I was some sort of closet liberal without what I thought was a now ingrained smell of the idiocy of liberalism and the damage it can bring.

Although it was, let me state now, it WAS a rather quirky movie.

But okay, I was by then sick of movies that had one storyline usually involving some broad who was sick of her life and wishes for another. This same broad would somehow, perhaps with the help of Santa or some strange earthly representative of God Himself, get her wish for a new life only to be brought to her knees begging for her old life back.

Which did happen and Christmas came and the viewer would know, as the movie would teach us, what the Christmas season is REALLY about.

“Love Actually” was a bit more edgy and brittle than that hackneyed storyline. Instead of one storyline, there were many. That fact alone will make me enjoy a movie as my mind can follow several plots at once if the vapid writers would allow it. “Love Actually” has a lady at an office who loved, secretly, an office mate, a writer who had a housekeeper from Portugal that he loved from afar, a drug-zoned singer who dances naked at one point, an English guy who goes to America to gain the love stamina he could not find in Britain, a British Prime Minister who loves a lowly secretary, and a homosexual groom with a best friend who seems to also be homosexual but who is very hetero and loves the homo’s bride. There were other sub-stories and it keeps the mind busy.

The stories do not always end up happily with all loose ends tucked away like a perfect Christmas gift bow. There is heartbreak and pain.

America really takes a hit in this movie but even this didn’t upset me. It might have made Rush, known for a serious patriotism, angry and part of the reason for his rant.

Not that I’m not patriotic but by me the U.S. President as depicted in the movie was just such a ridiculous caricature that the viewer should know it was inserted tongue-in-cheek. And that British fellow coming to America and immediately picking up three American beauties who all want to share his bed together…heh. That does not happen. That sub-scene sounds like wishful thinking on the part of the writers.

Montage from

There were a few really remarkable scenes in the movie. One is the marriage of the homosexual to his lovely bride. During that scene various wedding attendees break out in song or stand up to play musical instruments.

Hugh Grant’s magnificent dance has to be the highlight of the film. Grant played the part of the British Prime Minister who became beloved by the English people for telling off the American President, like that’s ever going to happen.

Alone and in a muse, Grant dances all about 10 Downing Street. It was funny, poignant and his dancing was quite good.

Below a short video clip of each of the scenes described above.

There were morals to this movie. A fellow cheats on his wife and learns how deep was his mistake and how foolish his flesh. That drug-crazed singer comes to appreciate his manager who really made him famous. The English writer learns to speak Portuguese and his love interest learns to speak English.

The movie makes remarkable use of an airport scene, depicting various people greeting each other upon arrival and disembarkation. Those short scenes look very real and probably are. They are the sort of scenes that play every day in airports across the planet.

So I must thank Rush for introducing me to a most enjoyable film. If the liberals like it, well so do I.

And I’m no liberal although I used to play one when I was younger.


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  1. Pat, you make no comment about the couple of naifs who worked in pornographic movies? Did you perhaps see an edited version?

  2. But, part 2, I agree that the movie was delightful, I just couldn't take the porn workers. I thought that was the dumbest storyline. But I did enjoy the drug addled rock star coming to appreciate his relationship with his manager, a different kind of love that is not usually found in the movies.