Review-Planet 51-A Yawn, Wait for the DVD

“Planet 51”-a big yawn. Here’s a review of this okay kind of movie, rated on the wiggle meter at about a c+ or b-.

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“Planet 51”-an Okay Stereotype Sort of Movie

It was an entertaining enough kind of movie, “Planet 51”, when granddaughter visited. Granddaughter is 5 year old and by my use of the “wiggle” meter, I’d give this film a c+, at best a B-. The “wiggle” meter is my guide as to how the movie being viewed captivates the younger audience, specifically my granddaughter, who is 5 years old and fairly typical. For the movie “UP”, she did not wiggle once. For this movie she began wiggling about halfway through. Other similar types of movies and the mileage varies.

The animation was not especially terrific but it was sufficient. The plot line wrote itself. There were action scenes appropriately spaced with emotional scenes. Somebody got a hold of a pro forma movie for children and their parents who must accompany them and filled in all the blanks.

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Frankly, if someone asked me, I’d advise not to bother viewing this movie via a trip to the theater but it would make a fine DVR to watch at home, perhaps leave with the babysitter. Fix up a couple bags of popcorn, some hot chocolate, sit the younger ones down in front of the set and it will keep them fixated for about an hour.

An American astronaut pays a visit to some planet somewhere, so goes the story line. It’s weird, in a way, because American astronauts are very respected in America, one is currently a Senator in America’s House of Lords. Yet it’s hinted at that astronauts are just big show-off lower-intelligent buffoons who only push buttons and looks big and brave.

I caution because in the end the handsome buffoon astronaut does become a hero and saves the day on Planet 51.

Warning, when watching this movie it becomes very necessary to suspend one’s sense of disbelief, I’d argue even beyond the possible. For the inhabitants of Planet 51 speak perfect English, look like humans save their odd antennas, behave much like humans with a silliness of humans when faced with the new and different.

It’s stereotypical all right but hey, there’s still children growing up who have yet to see every stereotypical film created so much that they can recite the plot line verbatim.

My advice? Save the money and wait for the DVD.

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  2. I really like animation movie with hightech. It's cool