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It's campy and kookie and I loved the Broadway show. Here's a review of the MOVIE "Little Shop of Horrors".

The best thing about the movie "The Thing About My Folks" is a certain actor's acting.

The rest of the film just doesn't make sense.

And guess what's coming up soon?

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”Little Shop of Horrors”

UPDATE and CORRECTION: While I'm leaving this Blog post unchanged, I have received a correction as regards the various movies made of this former Musical. Below I mention that this movie was filmed in 1960. Well, ONE version of the film was made in that year but the movie that I watched and am reviewing below, was made in 1986.

Here's a corrected link to the later version of the movie:

IMDB info on movie here.

Original post below.
1960 folks. This film was produced in 1960. I was ten years old.

It had been a stage musical then this movie came out and at some point in time I saw either the original musical or this film but I can’t remember which came first.

Thus many readers may not have ever heard of this musical/movie, particularly those of tender years.

By me it’s still a classic, a hoot, campy, cool, neato and filled with some truly great songs.

It’s the songs from this movie that I’ve cherished through the years. The story of the movie is not the memory-maker although it does have a cuter than cute plot.

First, a movie titled “Little Shop of Horrors” is a musical?

Indeed. Some of the most memorable songs were composed for this movie and just to get yon reader intrigued, it is Levi Stubbs, member of the famous “Four Tops”, who sings for the plant that eats people featured in the film.

My favorite is “Suddenly Seymour”. Another great one is “Somewhere That’s Green”. Of course there’s the plant’s famous tune “Feed Me”.

“Little Shop of Horrors” is a tongue-in-cheek, campy story of a nerdish fellow who works in a plant shop deep in a ghetto somewhere. The film refers to “Skid Row” frequently in the dialogue although I doubt many young people would understand that term today.

Seymour finds an unusual plant at a Chinese vendor and brings it back to the plant shop. Only the plant doesn’t quite have the same nutritional needs of your more normal plants.


The trials and tribulations of Seymour Krelboyne are depicted as the character wrestles with his gardening find that eats…meat. It is especially fond of human meat. The film is peppered with songs from the 50’s and a “Supremes” like girl group might suddenly appear on a ghetto fire escape to embellish the movie’s plot with a do-wop song complete with synchronized movements with the singers wearing coltish bows in their hair.

Seymour falls in love with Audrey, his colleague at the plant shop. Audrey is impressed with Seymour’s handsome plant thus Seymour must find a way to keep the plant alive to continue to impress his lady love.

At one point he is forced to feed the monster plant Audrey’s abusive boyfriend.

Cool as all get out.

When I saw this film offering on one of my three thousand premium movie channels, well I just had to check out this movie and music that once so enthralled my pre-teen self.

IMDB info on movie here.

”The Thing About My Folks”

I didn’t especially like this movie, IMDB link HERE.

A sentiment I write, hoping that yon reader will understand, as the disclaimer at the top of this post would indicate, that this humble Blogger might not have as fine and well-honed an appreciation of the film genre as most ersatz movie critics.

A man, played by Paul Reiser, discovers that his mother, played by Olympia Dukakis, has up and left his father, played by Peter Falk, after 46 years of marriage. The wife left a cryptic note, something about needing some time alone.

Right there my eyes glaze over because hey, shit happens I know, but it’s damn rare that a woman leaves a man she’s been married to for 46 years and with whom she shares four grown children. Much less for a lame reason of “needing time” It’s a weak premise is what I’m saying here.

Still and so, this is Hollywood and the movie was categorized as a “comedy”. My favorite movie genre this is so I sat back and was prepared to laugh.

Problem was, the movie wasn’t funny at all. I like Paul Reiser and think he has good comedic talent. Reiser was co-star with Helen Hunt in the TV series “Mad About You” although sometimes I think Reiser grimaces a bit too much and this takes the edge off his comedy.

Reiser plays Ben Kleinman, son of Peter Falk’s Sam Kleinman’s character. Ben takes charge of his father in the film when the note from his mother is discovered by Ben’s three sisters. The father-son duo take off on a trip that is evidently meant to shore up their relationship that they may explore their lives, particularly Sam’s relationship with Ben’s mother.

At some point during the movie, although I wasn’t laughing, I became enraptured by Peter Falk and his acting. If nothing else, Falk’s talents carry this movie handily.

The pair rent an old car and take off on a journey that has them fishing for the first time in their lives, end up at a dance with sweet young girls, dine together and endlessly discuss just where “Dad” went wrong that caused “Mom” to run off.

I was about to turn the thing off at the point that Ben accused his father of “abandoning” his mother and failing to fulfill her emotional needs. Falk’s character Sam turns to his son and calls that accusation “bullshit”.

Which it was. The man was faithful to his wife for 46 years, provided for her and their children handsomely and was devoted to his life’s mate. I was relieved when Sam Kleinman refused to accept such platitudes from his son.

Said platitudes totally untrue, as is discovered later when Ben’s wife phones her children and the viewer learns the REAL reason Sam’s wife took off suddenly and with no warning. It had nothing to do with her tormented son’s accusation that his father failed his mother.

The movie continues on to a bittersweet ending that didn’t nauseate with the emotion but managed to capture the moments without emotional overload.

I’d recommend this movie for a quiet evening when there is no major breaking news which must be regarded, when the fire cackles softly in the fireplace, and when a viewer wishes to watch some great acting from a veteran actor who does it well.


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