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Movie Review-"MegaMind" is a story about good versus evil. Nothing new about this.

Except in MegaMind, it gets confusing as to who is evil and who is the good guy.

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Like every animated film I’ve seen these past years, the characters in this film look like real people to me and after spending a little time in thought, I’ve figured out who they resemble. A picture below my guesses better illustrates my choices.

The title character, Megamind himself, looks to me exactly like comedian George Carlin. His nemesis and ultimately his friend at movie’s end, Metro Man, is a dead ringer for Alec Baldwin. The fellow who segued into the REAL bad guy, Tighten, looks like Seth Rogen of “Knocked Up” fame.

MEGAMIND is a movie that follows a pro forma type of plot, like they all do. There’s good, there’s bad, there’s a love angle. MEGAMIND does have a surprise twist in the plot. For as the movie begins there’s the “bad” guy-Megamind, and the “good” guy-Metro Man. A clash of good versus evil ensues and the movie viewer sits back to watch the action.

Only the good guy is destroyed early in the movie and the viewer ponders how they’re going to fill in another hour of movie time. For MEGAMIND is in control of the metropolis, MEGAMIND is an evil sort of guy, MEGAMIND and his minion fish friend are full of joy for the victory and power.

Enter, Roxanne, who looks exactly like Katie Couric and does, in fact, play a news reporterette and Megamind love interest. Roxanne gets busy sniffing around in the liar of Megamind looking for the story that will propel her to journalistic fame. As for Megamind, he disguises himself as a mild-mannered museum keeper and amuses himself by assisting Roxanne in finding the evil Megamind.

For make no mistake, the evil Megamind is bored. So bored, in fact, that he decides to create another icon of goodness to replace Metro Man who left us so early in the film. “Tighten”, a clever play on the word “Titan”, is a camera man who works with Roxanne and lusts for her beauty.

Megamind manages to grant the formerly meek camera super powers, with the intent that Tighten would be a “good guy”, allowing Megamind an enemy to again fight on to the heights of joyous victory.

Only it doesn’t quite turn out that way.

Tighten does not quite do what Megamind had in mind. Metro Man, the movie’s original “good guy” really didn’t die, Roxanne does not know that mild-manner museum attendant is really Megamind and despite his intent toward evil, well….it doesn’t quite turn out this way.

It’s a good movie, one of the better animated films I’ve seen this past year. 7-year-old granddaughter adored the film and in due course a happy ending was had by all.

Except, perhaps, for Tighten.

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