Pixar's "UP"-Best Movie of the Year, No Sex, No Cussing

Here's a movie that is a 2009 "must-see".

Pixar's "UP" has everything, charm, adventure, laughs, insight, truth and an appeal to all ages. Scratch that. "UP" does seem to be missing curse words and sex scenes and still it entertains.

Check out who this movie's protagonist is based on in terms of resemblance. Hint-he's a famous journalist and "UP's" elderly adventurer looks exactly like him.

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Pixar’s “UP”-The Standard From Now On

I like to think I am not one to over-indulge in hyperbole. But for the movie “UP” there are not enough words to describe how wonderful this film is.

In fact, let me get the only criticism I have about the film out of the way. The movie’s title is only remotely, very remotely, associated with the film. I’m not at all sure if the two-word title generates intrigue about the movie or tends to make an American public hopelessly addicted to cute, short sound bytes to dismiss the movie out of hand.

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This movie has it all: charm, sentiment, adventure, excellent animation, a riveting storyline, and yes, dogs. Lots of dogs.

The film begins with the story of a couple who grow up together, get married and vow to live a life of adventure while following the lead of their favorite childhood movie adventure hero, Charles Muntz.

Right there we have the charm of a life well-lived, the poignancy of loss, the sentiment of a lifetime love.

Carl Fredericksen, the film’s protagonist, in a fit of disgust at the changes going on in his surround decides he’s going to embark on that adventure he and his beloved Ellie never undertook. Imagine a movie protagonist in his 70’s!

Thus begins the story that will have you thinking, rocking, laughing, and sighing with relief as Carl and his small friend Russell ride a house, yes a HOUSE, to South America where they meet not only a bird named Kevin and a dog named Dug, but also Fredericksen’s childhood hero Mr. Muntz himself.

Only Mr. Muntz is not such a hero anymore and the story races on as Carl, Russell, Dug and Kevin must save the floating house from dog packs and shotguns.

Interspliced artfully are vignettes of sentiment as Russell shares his story of childhood angst and Carl discovers the true meaning of an adventurous life. These are not maudlin moments but thoughtful, quick and bittersweetly true sentiments of life that are not forced upon the viewer but are scenes placed where they belong before moving on to the next cinematic adventure.

I saw this movie with my 5-year-old granddaughter. She was so mesmerized by the movie that just as soon as it was over she said she needed to pee quick. “I didn’t go pee during the movie because I did not wish to miss one second of it,” was how she explained it.

Indeed Kaitlyn did watch the entire movie, almost two hours long, without showing one sign of restlessness.

We saw the movie while wearing 3-D glasses and goodness, what an amazing feat of technology. Throughout the film it was as if objects were coming right at us. I’d describe it as a cinema experience where the viewer feels as if he or she is right in the middle of all the action. Granddaughter, as expected, loved it.

There was not one curse word, not one reference to sex, not one hint that the movie was not entirely suitable for families with all types of members.

And yet the movie entertained so wonderfully that upon its end most folks in the theater didn’t get up real quick to exit. The movie just left the viewer with a real good feeling, the sort of feeling that makes you just want to sit and let it linger inside of us.

If you do nothing else this year, see this movie. You’ll marvel at America’s talent so evident in the film and you’ll definitely be a better person for it.

Rotten Tomatoes review here. See what other critics say about “UP”.
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