Movie Reviews-1994's "The Paper"; 2009's :Ice Age/Dawn of the Dinosaurs"

Two Movie Reviews.

One is of a 1994 movie that captured my fancy one lazy afternoon. It's called "The Paper" and I dream of journalists that might once again have such pride and integrity.

The other is "Ice Age/Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and here's a terrific animated movie, a great story that children will love.

It's no "UP" but adults will like it too.

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DISCLAIMER: Movie Reviews

I rarely see a first-run movie so any movie reviews I do are likely older ones. But if you're looking to rent a DVD for the weekend, or just want a new perspective on a movie you remember fondly, or not-so-fondly, read on.

”The Paper”…from 1994

IMDB site for this movie.

A commenter on IMDB pretty much captures the allure of this movie which so captured my fancy one Saturday afternoon that I thought I’d take the time to give it a review.

It's a cliché to say so, but there's never a dull moment in THE PAPER. The multi-faceted storyline sucks the viewer in and doesn't let go until after the exciting, root-on-the-good-guys finale.

I watch all sorts of movies via Comcast for a small monthly fortune. Some of them are older, ahem.

Which is not to say there aren’t good older movies from a decade ago, of course. Some would say they stopped making good movies after 1970 but these would be old farts.

It is odd when watching an “older” movie to see the characters dealing with life without cell phones. This was the case, indeed, with this movie. Glen Close, playing a female villain which seems to be her acting niche, had to find a telephone desperately towards the end of the movie. This ending would have a whole different plot ending had it been produced in the era of cell phones.

It’s also worth a giggle to see the gigantic size of earlier cell phones in movies produced at the dawn of the cell phone era.

At any rate, it wasn’t the glimpse of an earlier technology which so intrigued and captured my fancy with this movie.

Michael Keaton played the lead character magnificently. Good acting always makes for a better movie. A good plot too helps. “The Paper” had this as well.

What was old-fashioned in this movie was the concept of a journalist with principles. My mouth was agog for most of the movie as Keaton’s character struggled with his love of the job, a pregnant wife, a desperate chaos to keep a bad story from being printed in his paper, and a job offer to a more stately, albeit dull, newspaper in a better neighborhood.


My mind boggled at the concept of a journalist who cared whether what went to print was true or not. In this year of our Lord 2009, journalists only care about printing the sentiment of whoever holds the reigns of power and will get them more quotes and scoops. Truth is seldom part of the equation, much less any sort of in-depth investigation of the matter like Keaton’s character did to get behind the talking points.

If looking for an old movie to put in the DVD, consider an evening watching some good acting, some nostalgia for more ethical times, some action, some love and lots of good drama. Watch “The Paper”.

Ice Age/Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Web Site for this movie.

Of course I saw this movie with Kaitlyn Mae, precious and precocious granddaughter because, well it’s that kind of movie.

I saw this movie in 3-D and after seeing “UP” I don’t think I could stand seeing a plain movie again. I have grown used to having objects coming out of the screen at me and seeing the characters in all the depth as if they were right in front of me, touchable and at my side.

The animated characters in this movie were done very well. One can’t help but associate their personalities with humans we all have in our surround.

There’s the sloth fellow who is like the self-righteous liberal who would have us all eating grass and living in diverse and impractical harmony.

There’s the weasel who lives his life to follow a mortal enemy. When that mortal enemy is gone he must go and save him that he doesn’t live in terrifying boredom for the rest of his breathing days.

There’s the loner bobcat who puts on a tough uncaring exterior when he only wants to be welcomed and loved, a part of things.

Ah, it’s all a bit sappy and frankly, there’s nothing too terribly original about this movie. Still it flows by for its length. The action is there when required, the sentiment comes along to soften the rough edges. The characters, as indicated, amuse, bemuse, anger, frustrate but we love them all in the end.

Five and a half year old Kaitlyn adored the movie. So will all children, even adolescents. Adults will enjoy the time as well.
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